Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding – Proverbs 3 vs 5

As individuals, we think we know everything, but we don’t.  We don’t have the answers, to everything that happens in life. Neither can we understand it, because it is so mind boggling at times. It is true, that things happen in life for a reason, and most of the time we beat ourselves up, trying to figure out the most obvious question, WHY? It’s best to trust the Lord whole heartedly, and trust that he will reveal all to you, when the time is right. When you trust God, and allow him to take control of your life, you will find that everything soon makes sense. Things happen, to either test your faith, help you grow stronger, or simply just to draw you close to God. Never lose sight of what’s really important, and that’s our Lord and Saviour, Jess Christ. Allow prayer, to help you make a difference, and change your life for the better.

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life”, Psalm 143 vs 8

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Autumn & Spring

It’s the beginning of autumn,  here in South Africa, and it still feels like summer. The sun is still scorching the skin, and the air is so hot, that, it burns the nostrils with every breath taken in. There is no doubt about it-the earth is getting hotter, and soon we might not need the different seasons, because permanent summer is just around the corner. How would that help any of us? Well it wouldn’t. I think it would be too late, to do anything, because being here, now, and not doing anything, is time wasted, which affects the future. Everyone, wants to live healthy, and be happy on this beautiful planet, we call earth. It’s our home. So, why are we continously enhancing the factors that would eventually destroy our home? Just so you know, we have nowhere to go, if our home is destroyed. It’s not like, we can get into a space shuttle, and head for Mars, to start a whole new life, on a clean slate, free from hazardous toxins, which threaten to destroy us all. Unfortunately, life is not so simple. Which is more important to you?


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To the Springboks and The Proteas

You guys are truly amazing, and an inspiration to so many around the world. Life isn’t always easy, but you have to find the strength, and will, within yourselves, to keep pushing forward, and achieve what your heart has set out to achieve. Don’t settle for anything less. Springboks – march into the semi-finals with confidence, confidence in yourselves, and in the team. Believe, and own the game. Fight, with everything you’ve got, until you’ll can’t fight anymore. No one says, it’s going to be easy, but you have to go up against the best, if you want to be the best. Proteas – Fight hard, and give your all. Everything comes together by working in unity as a team, and helping each other along the way. You guys have what it takes  to be champions. You’ll  just have to prove it to the world.

I just want to say, All the best and good luck to the Springboks as they take on the All Black’s in the semi-finals over the weekend. #OurHeartsAreInIt

All the best and good luck to the Proteas, in the remaining 2 ODIs against India. #ProteaFire

Remember, that you’ll have worked extremely hard to get to where you’ll are. Nothing comes by easily, so,  Don’t give up so easily, make each moment count. #ProudlySouthAfrican

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Life can be so overwhelming sometimes that we loose track of who we really are and what we stand for. We forget the morals and values learnt along the way to help us to get to where we are and in doing so we forget to be thankful. Thanksgiving is not the only time that we should set aside in our lives to be thankful. We need to be thankful every single day. keeping that in mind, we should seize every opportunity to spend time with our families for they will always remind you of who you are and the better person you can become. Nothing is more important that spending time with God and your family. Give thanks to him for everything, every day.

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Beautiful Day…

Its a great beautiful Monday. The sun is shinning as it should with no clouds in sight to hover and steal the spot light. There’s a slight chill in the wind but a warm jacket does the trick. Its good to be here to experience this wonderful elements we call nature. Its also good to thank God every morning when we wake up because everyday we have on this earth is precious so we need to make it count by making a difference around us. Whats the point of living a normal day doing the same thing you do every other day??? How many lives have we touched it at work or on the street or in the bus??? How many people have you offered a word of encouragement to or lent an ear or a shoulder to cry on without being Judgemental??? Whom have we lent a R50 to with no hope of getting it back??? Many of us dont keep track of these things but these are the things that makes your day worth it and adds on to our blessings. We are too busy living life in our own world that we forget everything else around us and we wonder why we arent getting what we deserve. Do we have a good heart and a humble spirit??? Take a try and be there for someone else other than yourself and your family and see God work wonders in your life. Live a life of meaning and not just to pass each day. All the money in the world cannot buy happiness so we need to do something we love, something that brings us joy and peace. Once we find that..we will be happy and our lives will have meaning again. And your everydays will be extraordinary rather than just the same old ordinary.

Have a Beautiful Monday..cheers 🙂

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Everyone has a story to tell. Some maybe “BAD” and some maybe “GOOD” but remember your story is not going to remain the same forever, it will change for the “BETTER”… I know I am waiting for my story to change for the “BETTER” and I know it will when the time is right. All we have to do is “BELIEVE”. It may not happen now, or this year but I know it will change when my God is ready.

Just remember the story of JESUS CHRIST our LORD during this HOLY WEEK and the events which took place leading up to his crucifixion. He gave his life for us all so that our story will change for the better when we accept him in our lives.

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And the anticipation builds up to the enormous game tomorrow. Its so close and I cannot wait. The Proteas take on Sri Lanka.

Everything of the best guys!

#CricketWorldCup2015 #SAvsSriLanka #ProudProteaFan

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